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Elizabeth Hannah is a photographer working out of Central Indiana with a focus in food and commercial photography. Her passion is communication in all forms, both through images, experience, and the spoken and written word. This is expressed in her efforts to help her clients communicate their brand and vision through her photography, as well as her time spent teaching English as a Second Language. Food is an integral part of every culture and individual's experience, bringing together those of diverse backgrounds and creating shared experience, and she strives to make her food photography as rich and organic as the experience of a shared meal. 

She studied photography at the New England School of Photography in Boston, Massachusetts and has a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from DePauw University, where she also completed their Media Fellows Honors program. 


"Food is our common ground, a universal experience."

-James Beard


Locally owned and operated, this cafe, housed with a bookstore and language center, highlights good coffee and a rotating menu featuring cuisines from various countries. The photography and menu designs focus on the diversity and uniqueness of each menu. 

the ball & biscuit

Indy's original cocktail bar specializing in classic and creative craft cocktails. 

Always fresh. Always homemade.  

Small plates created in house with love and locally sourced ingredients. The photography focuses on creating a warm, welcoming, and cohesive vibe for the brand while launching a new menu. 


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